Strategic Planning


  • Performance Improvement DiagnosticChange industry boundaries to redefine full potential.
  • Cost and Capability AssessmentQuick diagnostic to identify immediate and longer-term opportunities.
  • Sustained Cost TransformationTransform the cost structure across the organization to obtain cost leadership and gain competitive advantage.
  • Complexity ManagementEffectively manage all elements of complexity to unlock value and turbocharge the organization.
  • Lean Six SigmaWorking back from the customer to deliver better outcomes with lower cost and higher quality.
  • Tax Optimization & Planning Strategies: The suitability of any tax planning strategies be assessed in full consideration of the tax laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction, taking into account the status of the financial markets and any potential political changes and other external factors that could affect future tax burdens.
  • Velocity Performance System: Implement processes and systems to engage the front-line in continuous improvement and learning cycles through high velocity feedback loops.
  • Business Process RedesignAchieve operational excellence at a company’s most critical processes to deliver high quality service at a competitive cost.
  • Capability SourcingAcquire the right capabilities from the right source, and the right shore, at the right price.
  • Cash and Capital ManagementCreate cash visibility and a disciplined capital allocation process.


Our point solutions include:


  • downloadProcurementMake procurement a source of competitive advantage by finding quick cash and building procurement capabilities.
  • Supply Chain ManagementTurn supply chain into a source of competitive advantage for meeting short- and long-term cost, flexibility and service-level goals.
  • Manufacturing OptimizationOptimize the manufacturing footprint and shop-floor operations.
  • Service OperationsDeliver the promised customer experience at the right cost across service channels.
  • G&A Optimization & Org DesignCreate lasting improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of G&A functions, aligning process goals to business objectives.
  • R&D/Product DevelopmentOptimize the R&D function to maximize the return on investment in R&D.